The Dream

“Larger than life props like tall poppies and a man dressed as a bureaucratic cream bun bring the oddity of dreams to life. The actors nail comedic timing in the absurdity of the dream world. Jaunas creates a satisfying balance of oddity and sorrow through this strange narrative. The captivating visuals from the projections have the potential to explore installation art akin to Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms.”  

Artmurmurs NZ, The Dream, Reveiwer Lizzie Murray, 7/2/19 
The Dream is a one hour live multimedia production, first presented at Bats Theatre 5th to 9th February 2019, 7pm in the Hey Day Dome.  The aim of The Dream was to take the audience on a multi-sensory journey through a dream grappling with existence, grief and love.  

As the director, writer, designer and producer of this play, I wanted specifically to explore the question of how our dreams relate to who we are and how much we can relate a dreamscape to the character of a person.  I believe our dream world explores our base emotive values as an integral part of how we process our existential meaning and I wanted to see if a shared experience of coming into someone else’s dream would be meaningful for an audience.

The Dream was a collaborative project including a soundscape composed and operated through an eight-speaker diffusion system by Jimi Wilson, lighting by Andy Ferguson, operated by Michelle Cameron with Sabrina Mae projecting films by Joel Ascombe-Smith and myself. In addition to the cast of four, Rebecca Parker, Sepelini Mau’au, Loren Whithair and Sophia Elisabeth, we had a stage manager and assistant stage manager, Natasha Thyne and Susie Chilver. My mentor was Eleanor Bishop and I brought in Deb Mulholland as assistant director and Lisa Maule as additional technical support. The set was built by Robin Christie and we had additional composition by Lucien Johnson, Janet Holborow and Floating Trees.  Costumes and additional props were made by Luti Cruickshanks and Sebastien Jaunas.