Circle of Fifths came about from an urge to create exciting, quality theatre, film and multidisciplinary art.
The name refers to the musical notion of perfect 5ths stacking upon each other creating the circle of scales we use in western music.  The harmonic spectrum, which is the harmonic structure of every note we hear and which provided Pythagoras with some of the basics of mathematics, gives us the perfect fifth as being the most important interval after the perfect octave.  If we stack the perfect fifth on top of each other we end up with a diagram that gives us not only the all the major and minor scales but also how they relate to each other. It is magical, natural and beautiful and from it we have constructed our whole system of music and a large part of our mathematics. I like to think of it as one of the keys to the universe.

Circle of FIfths is a production company that comes from organic beauty and explores the essence of who we are and what we can be.  



Shona Jaunas

My Art is about taking ‘life’ to extremes, creating micro systems where experimentation of humanity can take place in order for us to learn about potential states of existence.  For the audience it is about seeing a process in the third person in order to become more aware of life within their own reality.​ The exploration of  interdisciplinary practice  within my art is a fundamental part of my practice. 

Shona Jaunas has worked in a large range of styles and genres, musician, actor, director, artist, producer.  From full white mask, cartoonesque, Comedia Del’Arte style work, (Rude Mechanical Theatre Company), site specific dance/theatre work, (The Body Cartography Project) and devised theatre (TNT Theatre, Blow Up Theatre Company) to full studio produced albums and films. 

She has developed community arts and theatre projects in conjunction with Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice, the New Zealand Police, Kapiti Safer Community Trust and Kapiti Coast District Council.  

Her experimentation in different site specific productions include: Fiddlers On A Roof, the roof of the Lombard Car parking building; 2001: A Civic Square Odyssey; ‘The delivery’, Outreal Studios; Thelema, House of Tall Poppies, Outreal Studios. 

As a trained classical violinist, Shona has worked with many musicians and is currently a presenter for RNZ Concert.

Shona completed an MFA in Fine Arts, Creative Practice from Victoria University of Wellington in 2019